Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How about book? E-cigarettes Story - Vape Mania

History is made once again. In case you believed you were planning to function as first person to write a novel having a character who vapes, it's very late.

A brand new publication accessible through Amazon (£7.60): "Vape Mania: A Newbie’s Guide to the Evils of the Electronic Cigarette", promises to be “the first full-length literary work that has a narrative with a vaper as the main protagonist and vaping as the central theme.”

 Vape Mania

Electronic cigarettes. A drug as addictive as heroin. A mom's worst nightmare. Not peddled from trailer parks by droopy trousers gangsters with teardrop tattoos but delivered to your own doorstep by unwitting, wonderful, upstanding United States Postal Postmans.

The 166-page publication was released January 27, 2014, underneath the moniker "Melvin Provario." The web site promoting the novel is cleverly titled Vaporacle. (The letter "o" is symbolized with the oblong skull face).

It must be mentioned the back cover contains a parental advisory for "Explicit Vaping" and says the following: : “WARNING: this memoir explicitly illustrates the possessive power of this devil drug in graphic detail and is therefore not intended for the faint of heart.”

Follow one man's downward spiral to the seedy world of vape habit. Find the worldwide conspiracy of an ecigarette newsgroup hell-bent on hooking the masses to freebased nicotine with thoughts controlling paraphernalia and explosive electronic produced through the wretched toil of abused slaves working in overseas sweatshops. Find the shocking truth supporting the 21st century drug of selection, slung to our kids in dropper bottles with flavors like gummy bear and lollypop.

One of custommers said:
"It's a real page turner. I read it from cover to cover in just under six hours. It probably would have taken less time if I didn't have to stop to laugh so hard. The main character is the perfect personification of the mass hysteria represented by the anti-vaping crowd. The commentary by "IPIC" is equally as funny, but also scary because there are really people who think that way. The story is straight up slapstick and the timing is very well done with the jokes. It helps if you are familiar with vaping culture to get some of the jokes but even if you're not, the book is a informative guide to what vaping is all about even if it in such a hilarious way. I didn't laughed this hard over a book ever. Vape Mania will thrill some people and peeve some off to. The only question is, which one are you?"

You may choose to provide Vape Mania a go, if you haven't read an amusing novel lately. BEWARE! You could experience side splitting laughter.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

17 facts about e-cigarettes that you must know

The ecigarette has revolutionized smoking customs in Europe and around the globe, with a growing number of tobacco users turning to it for what they consider is a safer option to traditional smokes.

But how safe are these simple devices and how successful are they at helping smokers kick the habit?

Check out 17 facts about electronic cigarettes:

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Top 10 facts about e-cigarettes

The electronic cigarette was introduced to the U.S. marketplace in 2007 and gives the nicotine-hooked an option to smoking tobacco. Producers and happy customers say this nicotine vapor offers several advantages over conventional cigarette smoke. But regulatory agencies and a few health specialists aren't convinced. They've been asking questions concerning the potential negative effects of inhaling nicotine vapor, in addition to other health threats ecigarettes may present - both to users also to the general public. Those calling for tight regulations on ecigarettes promise these apparatuses must be deemed prohibited before the correct research trials have been done to show that they're safe.