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Vapour Cigarettes Safety

Electronic cigarettes, also called ecigs or vapour cigarettes, are basically electronic inhalers that look like standard smokes and feature a liquid containing nicotine which, when warmed, turns to vapour that you can inhale. While e-cigarettes include nicotine just like regular cigarettes, they don't contain tobacco.

Producers of ecig market them as a safe alternative to standard smokes. Yet, various health security regulatory organizations have questioned the security of vapour cigarettes. For instance, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (check FDA Q&A about electronic cigarettes here) has issued several safety warnings about this merchandise after establishing that some ecig brands contain amounts of nicotine as well as other toxins which may have carcinogenic effects.

Potential Safety Hazards of Ecig

There are important security issues one should think about before choosing ecig as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, like the following:

Are They Extremely Cancer Free?

Standard tobacco smokes predispose smokers to a high risk of cancer because they comprise pitch as well as other toxic plant material based on the tobacco plant. Producers of electronic cigarette claim that while the nicotine inside their product comes in the tobacco plant, it doesn't feature other hazardous substances found in these plants.

Yet, studies conducted by organizations such as the FDA show that although e-cigs are fitter than traditional smokes, there is no conclusive evidence that the nicotine found in ecig does not contain the carcinogens in tobacco.

Electric cig May Be Equally As Addictive As Standard Cigarettes

Among the most adverse ramifications of regular tobacco smokes is that they are highly addictive. As such, individuals who smoke these smokes find it difficult to avoid smoking even in situations where their health may be in danger. Even though electronic cigarette do not contain tobacco, they could still be as addictive as regular smokes because the contain nicotine.

Nicotine is a stimulant that gets absorbed into the bloodstream and brain. Once absorbed into the mind, nicotine discharges a feel good effect which lasts for approximately an hour or so. Sadly, after the body expels the nicotine inhaled in the e-cigarette, the smoker starts to crave more nicotine and slowly starts growing a higher tolerance for further nicotine.

Nicotine Can Lead To Serious Health Concerns

While they do not contain as many hazardous materials and carcinogens as regular substances, electronic cigarette are not entirely wholesome and safe. This is only because; even in small doses, nicotine, if inhaled in the lungs, could be deadly. A number of the usual threats or inhaling nicotine comprise high blood pressure, heart disease, shortness of breath, nausea, head ache and nicotine poisoning, which could be potentially deadly.


A study printed in the Tobacco Control journal in 2010 revealed that there are serious quality and security control problems related to most brands of ECIG. The aforementioned study mentioned the addictive and poisonous effects of nicotine as an important unexplored safety problem relating to this product.

In view of the fact that there is no significant proof that the nicotine within ecigs is safe, it's advisable for smokers to find other alternatives to standard cigarettes for example treatments and medication which will help one to stop smoking.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Vapour Cigarettes Questioned

Vapour Cigarettes Questioned By The FDA

Many smokers use electronic cigarettes within their scheme to safely fill their nicotine hankerings. But according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as a European research released over the Labor Day weekend, several health specialists are not yet convinced that e cigarettes are a fantastic thing for people.

And unlike their Marlboro or Camel smokes that let smokers see the pack becoming emptier, smokers using their digital counterparts frequently can't inform when they are becoming close to running from vapour or battery power. For some that have attempted repeatedly to quit smoking, the ecigarette has assisted them on their journey. Reynolds American is trying to diversify their company to extend beyond just smokes as a way to find more rigorous means to cancel tax hikes and smoking bans. They are also working on ways to fight health fears and the negative social stigma that surrounds the tobacco business.

In a announcement on Wednesday , the agency reported that it had discovered nicorette in goods labeled nicotine-free together with the antifreeze compound diethylene glycol as well as other carcinogens in e-cigarettes. These products are lawful, but the FDA considers electronic cigarettes to be drug delivery devices at the mercy of its regulation. Tobacco cigarettes have recently become susceptible to FDA jurisdiction.

I Have had the delight of testing out the Vapor Couture Digital Cigarettes as well as the add-ons from your Maximale Package, and I was rather impressed. Now, I'm perhaps not saying there is nothing wrong with the commodity (as you will find consistently faults and nothing is best), but all-in all, Vapor Couture is a good product. Unlike the typical smoke-look, Vapor Couture expands a new, chic fashion of vapour cigarettes. Using their feminine colors as well as sleek shape, girls are actually given the chance to smoke in style. The US Food and Drug Administration is worried about the security of these goods and how they are marketed to the public," mentioned FDA Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg.

Electric Cigarettes - Are they healthier alternative?

The CDC Fact Sheet for Smoke & Tobacco Use reveals that there are already lots of teenagers picking up smoking cigarettes everyday without the help of electronic cigarette. The report states, "Each day, over 3,200 persons younger than 18 years of age smoke their first cigarette. Each day, an estimated 2,100 youth and young adults who have been occasional smokers become day-to-day cigarette smokers." By these numbers, over 1.1 million men younger than 18 years of age attempt their first smoke everyday regardless of whether they first try electronic cigarette. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning smokers that E-cigarettes may be no safer than their tobacco-containing counterparts.

The Fact Is, you may still find plenty of unknowns regarding the e-cigarette industry There have already been a few feeble studies conducted that had a lot of inconclusive evidence that E-cigarettes are dangerous. It seems as though sensationalism has absorbed in the media and journalist want to lure subscribers in by feeding them fictitious information and discussing studies which do not show cause and impact. Vapour Cigarettes and their refill cartridges come in nicotine and nicotine-free variations. The apparatuses are smokeless, odorless, and touted by manufacturers to don't have any harmful pitch residue, cancer causing substances, or poisonous gases present in tobacco cigarettes.

The US Food and Drug Administration's security concerns were repeated in the European Respiratory Society (ERS) Yearly Congress in Wien, Austria on September 2, 2012. Based On an ERS news release , the results of a study about the ramifications of electronic cigarette on 32 issues on was offered. 8 of the participants had never before smoked, as well as the rest of the 24 were present active smokers. Electronic cigarette maintain theritual of the cigarette," but most of the significantly more than 250 brands available - hand-assembled and imported from overseas - have flavour and functionality problems, Cordisco said.
Other articles by major news outlets like the one published by USA Today on March 26 cite warnings from the American Association of Poison Control Centers that reports of publicity to e-cigarettes and nicotine liquid are rising. In Accordance With that article, there have already been 651 reports of exposures to ecig and nicoyine liquid through March 24, 2014. What this warning will not tell the people is what sorts of calls were being noted. The newest NPDS Report suggests that there were over 1 million "info only" calls made to poison control centers nationally in 2012.

Monday, 24 March 2014

E-Liquid - How To Protect Your Children

 E-Liquid UK
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Trying out distinct flavours of e-juice can be great until one among your children begins wondering what that wonderful liquid is you're putting in those tanks. After reading an article about children being poisoned by e-liquid on the StarTribune site today it is clear that the amount of kids being damaged by drinking e-juice is a growing problem in the vaping sector. I do feel that these problems are being over-hyped and find myself wondering why other businesses would not have stories written about them as much as the electronic cigarette business. Either way, I think that I should provide a few tips that will help those people who are oblivious understand what they can do to shield their kids from drinking the "poisonous potion" known as e-juice/e-liquid.

Tips to Protect Your Children from E-Liquid

1.) Just buy e-juice that has childproof lids. These lids are the same concept as prescription medicine lids and will make it really difficult for little children to get the lid away and be exposed to the liquid inside.

2.) Retain your e-juice wherever your children cannot reach it. Treat your e-liquid like your medication. Do not keep it in a place where your kids will have the capacity to pick it up when you're not looking.

3.) Talk to your kids and tell them to not touch your stuff! I have 3 kids, ages 10 months, 3, and 11 and all of them except the 10 month old understand never to touch my items. I have been telling them since the day they were born not to touch dad's items and it is ingrained in their own heads. Instruct your children to leave adult items only and you'll be able to lower the danger that they can mess with it.

That Is definitely not the case.

If by chance your kid does happen to consume some of your e-juice afterward be sure to take them to the ER instantly. Nicotine may be poisonous if consumed in high doses and there's no sense risking your kid's life by sitting around wondering what to do.

If you simply follow the tips listed above, then you will have nothing to worry about because your children will not hold access to your e-juice.

I wonder exactly how many kids are taken to the hospital everyday because they got a hold of someone's cigarettes and started eating them? Maybe they ought to spend more time reporting news like that and leave us folks who decided to make healthier, safer selections only! Just my 2 cents. What do you think?

It is our hope that everybody will behave responsibly and take into account that the well-being pets and their kids is at position.

We are presently focusing on a report that we'll be publishing soon regarding the ingredients that are found in e-juice and what makes it harmful to kids and pets if ingested. Hopefully you'll come back and give it a read. We enjoy reading and answering all of the remarks you may have on this subject.

Joyful Vaping!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How about book? E-cigarettes Story - Vape Mania

History is made once again. In case you believed you were planning to function as first person to write a novel having a character who vapes, it's very late.

A brand new publication accessible through Amazon (£7.60): "Vape Mania: A Newbie’s Guide to the Evils of the Electronic Cigarette", promises to be “the first full-length literary work that has a narrative with a vaper as the main protagonist and vaping as the central theme.”

 Vape Mania

Electronic cigarettes. A drug as addictive as heroin. A mom's worst nightmare. Not peddled from trailer parks by droopy trousers gangsters with teardrop tattoos but delivered to your own doorstep by unwitting, wonderful, upstanding United States Postal Postmans.

The 166-page publication was released January 27, 2014, underneath the moniker "Melvin Provario." The web site promoting the novel is cleverly titled Vaporacle. (The letter "o" is symbolized with the oblong skull face).

It must be mentioned the back cover contains a parental advisory for "Explicit Vaping" and says the following: : “WARNING: this memoir explicitly illustrates the possessive power of this devil drug in graphic detail and is therefore not intended for the faint of heart.”

Follow one man's downward spiral to the seedy world of vape habit. Find the worldwide conspiracy of an ecigarette newsgroup hell-bent on hooking the masses to freebased nicotine with thoughts controlling paraphernalia and explosive electronic produced through the wretched toil of abused slaves working in overseas sweatshops. Find the shocking truth supporting the 21st century drug of selection, slung to our kids in dropper bottles with flavors like gummy bear and lollypop.

One of custommers said:
"It's a real page turner. I read it from cover to cover in just under six hours. It probably would have taken less time if I didn't have to stop to laugh so hard. The main character is the perfect personification of the mass hysteria represented by the anti-vaping crowd. The commentary by "IPIC" is equally as funny, but also scary because there are really people who think that way. The story is straight up slapstick and the timing is very well done with the jokes. It helps if you are familiar with vaping culture to get some of the jokes but even if you're not, the book is a informative guide to what vaping is all about even if it in such a hilarious way. I didn't laughed this hard over a book ever. Vape Mania will thrill some people and peeve some off to. The only question is, which one are you?"

You may choose to provide Vape Mania a go, if you haven't read an amusing novel lately. BEWARE! You could experience side splitting laughter.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

17 facts about e-cigarettes that you must know

The ecigarette has revolutionized smoking customs in Europe and around the globe, with a growing number of tobacco users turning to it for what they consider is a safer option to traditional smokes.

But how safe are these simple devices and how successful are they at helping smokers kick the habit?

Check out 17 facts about electronic cigarettes:

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Top 10 facts about e-cigarettes

The electronic cigarette was introduced to the U.S. marketplace in 2007 and gives the nicotine-hooked an option to smoking tobacco. Producers and happy customers say this nicotine vapor offers several advantages over conventional cigarette smoke. But regulatory agencies and a few health specialists aren't convinced. They've been asking questions concerning the potential negative effects of inhaling nicotine vapor, in addition to other health threats ecigarettes may present - both to users also to the general public. Those calling for tight regulations on ecigarettes promise these apparatuses must be deemed prohibited before the correct research trials have been done to show that they're safe.