Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Electric Cigarettes - Are they healthier alternative?

The CDC Fact Sheet for Smoke & Tobacco Use reveals that there are already lots of teenagers picking up smoking cigarettes everyday without the help of electronic cigarette. The report states, "Each day, over 3,200 persons younger than 18 years of age smoke their first cigarette. Each day, an estimated 2,100 youth and young adults who have been occasional smokers become day-to-day cigarette smokers." By these numbers, over 1.1 million men younger than 18 years of age attempt their first smoke everyday regardless of whether they first try electronic cigarette. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning smokers that E-cigarettes may be no safer than their tobacco-containing counterparts.

The Fact Is, you may still find plenty of unknowns regarding the e-cigarette industry There have already been a few feeble studies conducted that had a lot of inconclusive evidence that E-cigarettes are dangerous. It seems as though sensationalism has absorbed in the media and journalist want to lure subscribers in by feeding them fictitious information and discussing studies which do not show cause and impact. Vapour Cigarettes and their refill cartridges come in nicotine and nicotine-free variations. The apparatuses are smokeless, odorless, and touted by manufacturers to don't have any harmful pitch residue, cancer causing substances, or poisonous gases present in tobacco cigarettes.

The US Food and Drug Administration's security concerns were repeated in the European Respiratory Society (ERS) Yearly Congress in Wien, Austria on September 2, 2012. Based On an ERS news release , the results of a study about the ramifications of electronic cigarette on 32 issues on was offered. 8 of the participants had never before smoked, as well as the rest of the 24 were present active smokers. Electronic cigarette maintain theritual of the cigarette," but most of the significantly more than 250 brands available - hand-assembled and imported from overseas - have flavour and functionality problems, Cordisco said.
Other articles by major news outlets like the one published by USA Today on March 26 cite warnings from the American Association of Poison Control Centers that reports of publicity to e-cigarettes and nicotine liquid are rising. In Accordance With that article, there have already been 651 reports of exposures to ecig and nicoyine liquid through March 24, 2014. What this warning will not tell the people is what sorts of calls were being noted. The newest NPDS Report suggests that there were over 1 million "info only" calls made to poison control centers nationally in 2012.

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