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E-Liquid - How To Protect Your Children

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Trying out distinct flavours of e-juice can be great until one among your children begins wondering what that wonderful liquid is you're putting in those tanks. After reading an article about children being poisoned by e-liquid on the StarTribune site today it is clear that the amount of kids being damaged by drinking e-juice is a growing problem in the vaping sector. I do feel that these problems are being over-hyped and find myself wondering why other businesses would not have stories written about them as much as the electronic cigarette business. Either way, I think that I should provide a few tips that will help those people who are oblivious understand what they can do to shield their kids from drinking the "poisonous potion" known as e-juice/e-liquid.

Tips to Protect Your Children from E-Liquid

1.) Just buy e-juice that has childproof lids. These lids are the same concept as prescription medicine lids and will make it really difficult for little children to get the lid away and be exposed to the liquid inside.

2.) Retain your e-juice wherever your children cannot reach it. Treat your e-liquid like your medication. Do not keep it in a place where your kids will have the capacity to pick it up when you're not looking.

3.) Talk to your kids and tell them to not touch your stuff! I have 3 kids, ages 10 months, 3, and 11 and all of them except the 10 month old understand never to touch my items. I have been telling them since the day they were born not to touch dad's items and it is ingrained in their own heads. Instruct your children to leave adult items only and you'll be able to lower the danger that they can mess with it.

That Is definitely not the case.

If by chance your kid does happen to consume some of your e-juice afterward be sure to take them to the ER instantly. Nicotine may be poisonous if consumed in high doses and there's no sense risking your kid's life by sitting around wondering what to do.

If you simply follow the tips listed above, then you will have nothing to worry about because your children will not hold access to your e-juice.

I wonder exactly how many kids are taken to the hospital everyday because they got a hold of someone's cigarettes and started eating them? Maybe they ought to spend more time reporting news like that and leave us folks who decided to make healthier, safer selections only! Just my 2 cents. What do you think?

It is our hope that everybody will behave responsibly and take into account that the well-being pets and their kids is at position.

We are presently focusing on a report that we'll be publishing soon regarding the ingredients that are found in e-juice and what makes it harmful to kids and pets if ingested. Hopefully you'll come back and give it a read. We enjoy reading and answering all of the remarks you may have on this subject.

Joyful Vaping!

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