Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Vapour Cigarettes Safety

Electronic cigarettes, also called ecigs or vapour cigarettes, are basically electronic inhalers that look like standard smokes and feature a liquid containing nicotine which, when warmed, turns to vapour that you can inhale. While e-cigarettes include nicotine just like regular cigarettes, they don't contain tobacco.

Producers of ecig market them as a safe alternative to standard smokes. Yet, various health security regulatory organizations have questioned the security of vapour cigarettes. For instance, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (check FDA Q&A about electronic cigarettes here) has issued several safety warnings about this merchandise after establishing that some ecig brands contain amounts of nicotine as well as other toxins which may have carcinogenic effects.

Potential Safety Hazards of Ecig

There are important security issues one should think about before choosing ecig as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, like the following:

Are They Extremely Cancer Free?

Standard tobacco smokes predispose smokers to a high risk of cancer because they comprise pitch as well as other toxic plant material based on the tobacco plant. Producers of electronic cigarette claim that while the nicotine inside their product comes in the tobacco plant, it doesn't feature other hazardous substances found in these plants.

Yet, studies conducted by organizations such as the FDA show that although e-cigs are fitter than traditional smokes, there is no conclusive evidence that the nicotine found in ecig does not contain the carcinogens in tobacco.

Electric cig May Be Equally As Addictive As Standard Cigarettes

Among the most adverse ramifications of regular tobacco smokes is that they are highly addictive. As such, individuals who smoke these smokes find it difficult to avoid smoking even in situations where their health may be in danger. Even though electronic cigarette do not contain tobacco, they could still be as addictive as regular smokes because the contain nicotine.

Nicotine is a stimulant that gets absorbed into the bloodstream and brain. Once absorbed into the mind, nicotine discharges a feel good effect which lasts for approximately an hour or so. Sadly, after the body expels the nicotine inhaled in the e-cigarette, the smoker starts to crave more nicotine and slowly starts growing a higher tolerance for further nicotine.

Nicotine Can Lead To Serious Health Concerns

While they do not contain as many hazardous materials and carcinogens as regular substances, electronic cigarette are not entirely wholesome and safe. This is only because; even in small doses, nicotine, if inhaled in the lungs, could be deadly. A number of the usual threats or inhaling nicotine comprise high blood pressure, heart disease, shortness of breath, nausea, head ache and nicotine poisoning, which could be potentially deadly.


A study printed in the Tobacco Control journal in 2010 revealed that there are serious quality and security control problems related to most brands of ECIG. The aforementioned study mentioned the addictive and poisonous effects of nicotine as an important unexplored safety problem relating to this product.

In view of the fact that there is no significant proof that the nicotine within ecigs is safe, it's advisable for smokers to find other alternatives to standard cigarettes for example treatments and medication which will help one to stop smoking.

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